Bike Servicing and Repair




Basic Bicycle repair. Comes with overall inspection and simple tuning. Our technicians will ensure that your bike is fully operational once the repair is complete.

Tune Up+Cleaning

Strip down of drive train, reapplying lubricant and greases on bearings. Detailed clean-up for fork, frame and components

Full Service

Full strip down of bike and thorough inspection of every individual parts. Re-apply grease and lubricant to the necessary areas. Truing of wheels and realignment of bearing, drive trains and cables. Overhaul package comes with free clean-up of bike. Look forward to seeing your bike as good as new again.

Custom Build MTB

If you have a dream set up that no brands have ever made, please feel free to consult us. Our expertise in building custom bikes will be able to assist you greatly. As of now our in-house recommendation is the Devinci frame.

Custom Build Wheel set

We are able to tailor build for you your ideal wheels. Choose your hub, rims and spokes we will assemble it up while tuning it to the best performance level.


Most of the parts are available within our inventory, if you ever need any upgrade or replacement of parts, our technicians are also able to provide professional advices optimized for your bike.


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