Tips to Prepare for your First Mountain Biking Adventure?

Tips to Prepare for your First Mountain Biking Adventure?

Do you like mountain biking? If yes, then get all geared up to start your adventure bike trails but, before that there are a few things that you must keep in mind. Read on...

Before giving a heads up to your first mountain biking experience – get a hang of what all is required from your end! Make a list of the time slot; whether you want to bike for an hour or day, it is essential to be prepared especially with the equipment/ gears, clothing and all. If you are already a pro at this; you surely have some field experience, however, for the first timers’ mountain biking can be a daunting affair. Singaporeans are enthusiastic about biking as there are quite a few trails to do so in a hassle-free way. There are best mountain bike trails in Singapore offering a lot of adventure to the enthusiast!

Things to keep in mind before heading on to a mountain bike trail:

Equipment and Gears

Well, we all know that any mountain bike trip is incomplete without proper clothing, equipment. For example- you must look out for mountain bike accessories in Singapore such as a helmet, tire levers, gloves and so on as per the requirement of the biker. No matter whether you are going on a cross-country, downhill, free ride or any style of mountain biking; you should be well versed with the trail and tentative time required for the biking session and accordingly keep all your equipment ready. Also, mountain biking entails unlike clothing than a road ride so, you better ask your guide to get an understanding or search through the available sources. Make sure you are well hydrated throughout the trail so, keep your supplies and a bottle handy.

Tip: Body armor for your knees and elbows are a must. Also, purchase clothes which can absorb surplus moisture, such as a waterproof jacket. Gloves should have a comfortable grip and must absorb shock.

Know about your Route

Have fun! Select a route where you have a glimpse of nature, but do not forget the safety party. Mostly, compass use a color grade system to choose the route. You may check out the recommendations for beginners and experienced bikers accordingly; along with the difficulty levels. It is very important to get a hang of the adventure and once you do it then start taking the difficult routes.

There could be trails which are rough and you may need some bicycle parts so, pre-plan and search for the necessary bicycle parts in Singapore.

As mountain bikers or enthusiasts, you must share your experience, fun, stories, and spirit of Mountain Biking! It is a world full of adventure as well as endless possibilities. So, explore!

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