Things to know when you're riding a mountain bike in night

Things to know when you're riding a mountain bike in night

If you are one of those who likes to go on biking during the late hours then don’t hesitate to gear up! What all you need? Take a look below!

 Through light weighted, modern high power-driven as well as long lasting lights, mountain biking in the dark has been made easy. When in Singapore bike accessories are available easily, though you would want the best accessories of top-rated quality, so, select your mountain bike shop well. Also, though relatively broken or unknown trails might become a matter of concern. Thereby, start with knowing your route.

Choose your route

No matter even though you are selecting a familiar route, however, at night things are a little different than day time thereby, pre-preparations matter. Take a tour with your biking friends to know better of the uneven trails or any required elements you might take into considerations while mountain biking in the dark.

Helmets and Bars

Lights can act as a powerful tool to your trail; wide beam lights on the bars as well as focused spotlights on your helmet are a must while you are mountain biking. Bar lights can help illuminate the trails and helmet lights can give a more focused and clearer vision. Good quality helmets are a safety concern, so, one should never ignore them. You may find best mtb bike shops in Singapore; so, choose your stuff carefully.

Batteries and Power

You would certainly need a backup of batteries and power in case you are done with using the already lit ones. So, as per the duration of the trail get your stuff ready.

There are a few best Singapore bike accessories shop with some utmost collection of MTB helmets, chainring, mountain bike trail, gloves and more. Go for brands like Fireeye, 7IDP, Reverse Components, etc. as they give great deals; just make sure that the quality should not be compromised.

A proper planning can actually save a lot of hassle while you are biking, thereby, go and shop from some of the best stores in Singapore for bike accessories and ride smooth!
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