Things to Consider When Buying Mountain Bike in Singapore

Things to Consider When Buying Mountain Bike in Singapore

Mountain biking is a tempting adventure enveloped in fun and dare. It is often enjoyed as a sport or a weekend fun activity. However, the overall experience of mountain biking depends upon the mountain bike trail and the two-wheeler companion you choose for the adventure sport. In contrast to the general leisure biking on public roads, mountain biking requires a well-chosen gear that is capable of yielding you the best possible experience. So, before you head to a mountain bike shop in Singapore, you need to research the bike type you wish to buy, which further depends on the terrain you traverse and the tempo and style of your expedition. According to these factors, you will further have to choose the frame material, tire size, suspension type and the gear assembly of your MTB bike Singapore.

Let us roll our eyes upon some considerations you need to make when buying a mountain bike in Singapore:

1)    The Type of Mountain Bike You Choose

According to the variety of terrains and the different biking styles, there are various types of mountain bikes, which include-

  • Cross Country Bikes: These are lightweight bikes used for moderate outdoor experience and are fairly rigid in structure.
  • Hardtail Bikes: Hardtail bikes are the most common for mountain biking. These bikes lack a rear suspension to help you save your biking energy that may otherwise waste in compression.
  • Full Suspension Bikes: These bikes have front and rear suspensions and are used for mountain biking expeditions on highly bumpy trails.
  • Downhill Bikes: Engineered for long slope and downhill trail riding, this type of bike features heavy-duty disc brake assembly and chain guards.
  • Freeride Bikes: They are designed to fit any style of mountain biking expedition and any type of terrain. The weight, brake assembly, and suspension of these bikes are calibrated meticulously to offer you best biking experience over any trail.

While choosing your MTB bike in Singapore, you need to be sure of the type of bike you require.

 2)    The Budget You Wish To Spend

The price of a mountain bike can fall anywhere in between $500 to $10,000, and therefore you need to be highly specific about the features you need in your mountain bike before you enter a mountain bike shop in Singapore. Here are some suggestions based upon your budget:

  • $500 or less: You can go for an entry-level hardtail or a mid-level one that has been cannibalized by its new generation.
  • $500 - $1000: A mid-level or above mid-level hardtail can be chosen in this range. You can also search for a promising entry-level full-suspension bike.
  • $1500 - $3500: A capable all-trail hardtail or a durable full suspension bike can be a prudent choice.

Along with considering the type and budget of mountain bike, you need to sort between the frame material, brake and suspension assembly and seat options. To check out the best mountain bike shop in Singapore, visit our online store.

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