MTB helmet in Singapore

The Importance Of MTB Helmet In Singapore During Mountain Biking

Headgear is very important towards body protection. The brain is one of the most important and vital organs of the body and damage to it can result in one or many different types of medical complications and even death. That is why the mountain bike or MTB helmet in Singapore is of immense use and value when you are biking on the roughest of terrains in the wild.

The new enthusiasts of mountain bikes in Singapore may think that biking in the rough terrain and the wild forest hilly areas is the same as biking within a city. The roads in the city are smoother and biking is often done at a very slow speed. There are signs and lights to govern and regulate your movement. The fear of law also restricts the adventurous moves of many bikers. The wild terrains are full of surprises and the threat of a minor and major injury in imminent.

Any other protective headgear cannot replace the
MTB helmet in Singapore. The helmets come in varying sizes. They can protect your head and mind while being comfortable as well. Specially designed for absorbing shocks, the helmet is also made of the strongest and light-weight materials that do not allow any forceful and injurious impact on the head.  

MTB helmet in Singapore types

There are mainly two types of helmets available for mountain biking in Singapore. These include:

Cross Country Helmets:

A cross-country helmet is quite light in weight. As it provides ample of ventilation to the biker it can be worn over very long periods of time. 

Full face helmets:


The full face helmets also have a jaw guard and a buyer of a mountain bike in Singapore may opt for it for greater security. These are the strongest helmets available. While the new full-face helmets are made of lightweight materials including fiber, the jaw-guard equipped helmets may still have the weight on the higher side. They have ample of ventilation and hence air supply is not an issue here. The new full face helmets come with a detachable Chin Guard well.

No matter what kind of helmet you choose, always ensure that you never forget one while biking in the city or during adventure biking. A leading online mountain bike in Singapore shop provides you a range of accessories as well, and the lightweight and airy helmets are available and sold at discounted rates. 

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