Smarten up your Mountain Bike with these Handy Tips and Tricks

Smarten up your Mountain Bike with these Handy Tips and Tricks

Hitting the mountains on a mountain bike in Singapore, a spectacular country brim-full with Nature’s beauty, is sure to give any avid biker an ultimate high. But no matter where to go mountain biking, a little TLC for your mountain bike is necessary to safeguard your well-being, besides enhancing its performance and longevity. Maintenance of your mountain bike is a responsibility that doesn’t feel like a burden but seems exciting instead. Here are some tips that’ll help you look after your precious mountain bike:

Keep your Bike Clean

When you finally decide to pull out your mountain bike Singapore would be a great destination. Wherever you do go for mountain biking, cleaning your bike is something you need to focus on. It will ensure that the life span of your bike extends considerably and it looks fantastic too. Simple objects like a towel, a sponge and an old toothbrush along with a mild organic soap are all you need to clean parts like the seat, pedals, brakes, frame, chain, chain rings, cassette, derailleurs and others.

Stock up on the Right Accessories

As a mountain biker, you need to carry a set of things will keep you safe and comfortable. Good quality helmet, gloves, protective glasses and knee pads, elbow/ forearm pads are essential for protection from injuries and any kind of mishap. Prioritize on keeping these things on you every time you zip on your mountain bike.

Gear up with these Essentials too

Mountain bike equipment like the handheld pump, tube, and several other things will be very important as they keep your bike in good condition, repair the bike in case it breaks and make the ride smooth. A multi-tool set comprising different sizes of Allen wrenches, a flathead screwdriver, and a Philips screwdriver are other things you need to stock up on. A multi-tool with an in-built chain breaker will also do as the former takes care of various repairing jobs that can come up anytime while biking on challenging terrains. Other objects you may need during your ride are tire levers, which are specific metal tools used for removing your tire off the rim of your wheel while fixing a flat tire and patch kits that also rescue you from the flat tire issue.

So don’t forget to procure these simple yet important tools as you never know when you may need any of them.

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