Points to Consider Before Your Adventure on MTB bike, Singapore

Points to Consider Before Your Adventure on MTB bike, Singapore

If you are one of those adventure sports lovers, who is ready to take new challenges and is always exploring sensational, fascinating ride on a mountain bike, Singapore is the destination you must traverse. The mountain bike trails in Singapore are rated as one of the best in the world.

Top five mountain trails, you must ride to experience the thrill on your MTB bike, Singapore has are:

  1. Bukit Timah
  2. Kent Ridge
  3. Ketam Bike Park
  4. MandaiTrack 15
  5. Tampines Bike Park

Before you Say Get, Set, Go!

To double the fun and excitement of the voyage and infuse the adrenaline levels in your blood to the highest of levels, do some pre-ride preparation. It is critical to chalk out a strategy before you en route yourself. You must know who all are riding with you on the trip, what are their capacities and skills, their prior experience on MTB bike, Singapore specifically. Similarly, you must also check your own self on these lines.

In addition to the usual travel insurance policy, which you must have, these are the points you should keep in mind:

  1. Route Plan: You must plan each day in terms of, the route to be followed and the number of kilometers to be traveled in a day. You can plan this beforehand with available elevation data and speed you can ride.

  2. Documentation: Keep your documents like passport, travel insurance updated and ready. Do not forget to check the validity of the documents. They must be valid, at least up to next six months, after your date of journey.

  3. Last Minute Climate Status: A general weather report is always handy. But, you must update the same, and the forecast of next seven days, on the date of departure. This will give you a fair idea of the weather throughout the complete journey.

  4. Packing your Bags: Do not forget to pack and carry the following essential things with you-
  • Jersey Tops, Shorts, Bike Gloves, Cycling Socks, Arm and Leg Warmers, Helmet, Cycling Shoes, Rain Jacket, Sweater, Sunglasses, Water Bottle, Backpack, Ear Warmer, Hiking Boots, Flashlight, Energy bars, Insect-Repellent, toiletries, First-Aid.
  • Electric Tape, Solar Panel Battery, Elastic Bands, Foam Roller, Travel Power Adapter.
  1. Fine Tune Bike: Get your bikes serviced from a good local bike shop and if required carry some spares with you, just in case. You may carry- Spare tubes, tire lever, Brake pads, extra chain, and derailleur hanger.

  2. Research: Do the basic research of the traditions, customs of the locations en route. This will help you mingle with them faster. Also, you must be aware of the terrain before you start.

  3. Emergency Back-up: Most critical, you must leave the complete detail of your trip with a friend who is not traveling with you. In addition, leave photocopies of your documents with your friend. Don’t forget to leave the information on your trip at your embassy.
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