Must Buy 10 Kit Items For A Mountain Bike Tour From Singapore Bike Accessories Shop

Must Buy 10 Kit Items For A Mountain Bike Tour From Singapore Bike Accessories Shop

Thinking about mountain hiking on your bike? The idea of wandering on mountain trails is worth trying. But before you head out, make sure you have all crucial stuff on board from Singapore bike accessories shop. You know it very well that cycling all the day on those hilly terrains often puts you in an annoying situation. It could be a risk of injury or bike breakdown. Keeping appropriate tools with you lets you keep going.

Check out the top 10 kit items that should be in your stuff while you explore the back country on a thrilling bike ride.

1. High-Powered Mini Pump

Pumps and bike rides are made for each other. They go along whether you choose rugged hills of Singapore or any other spot for backpacking. But which pump should you ask from mountain bike accessories Singapore? Go for a high-powered mini pump for mountain bikes that comes with a flexible hose and is easy to carry.

2.Travel Bag

Put in your helmet, tools, medical kit and anything else that you might need on those bumpy roads in a compact travel bag and set yourself free.

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3. Premium Tires

Unarguably, nothing enhances your bike performance on those rugged hills better than good tires. So, having a set of tires from Singapore bike accessories shop with you in your kit makes a sense. Who knows you need them if your tire gets punctured when you hit the trail?

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4. Crucial Bike Components

Troubles don’t come with an invitation. When you are on the hilly terrain, expect the best but prepare for the worst. Carry some reverse components such as lenker, chain ring, spacer headset and more before you leave your home.

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5. Cable/Zip Ties And Duct Tapes

Carry zip ties or duct tapes from a reputed shop for mountain bike accessories Singapore with you on a mountain bike tour and never regret. Fix broken bike bags, help yourself with bag strap and more.

6. Head Torch

Bring along a compact, handy and a battery powered head torch to use in the nighttime emergencies.

7. Bike Cleaner

Don’t you want to look like a pro in the selfies you capture during the ride? Keep a good bike cleaner with you to leave your bike frame sparkling and appealing. Don’t forget to ask it from a trusted Singapore bike accessories shop.

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8. Helmets

Protect your face and head with a helmet that’s made exclusively for mountain biking for a safer ride ahead.

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9. Gloves

Why let your hands shiver in the cold if you are biking on mountains in the winters? Carry a pair of quality gloves for a safe and comfortable biking experience.

10. Mountain Bike Saddle

Complement your biking ride with comfy mountain bike saddle that has an ergonomic design to relieve unnecessary pressure from your body. Ask only for quality mountain bike accessories Singapore to make your mountain ride a thrill in a real essence.

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­­­­­­­­­­­­It’s always advisable to plan out and pack accordingly so that you don’t forget the crucial tools back home when you need them the most. Get going!

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