Mountain Bikes For Sale In Singapore: What to Consider When Making A Purchase

Mountain Bikes For Sale In Singapore: What to Consider When Making A Purchase

When looking for a reliable and long lasting outdoor or mountain bike, you need to consider aspects including bike style, features (like wheel size, suspension, brakes, gearing and frame materials) and fit, among others. Bike Technics here bring to you quality mountain bikes for sale in singapore that last long and are best for outdoor use and mountain rides, as the bikes offered at our website possess modern features and premium built.

Types of mountain bikes for sale in singapore

Mountain bikes for sale in Singapore are sold under the following types.

  • Trail bikes: The best option for the local trailheads and for riding the descents and climbs. It is the most popular mountain bike type.

  • Cross-country bikes: Best suited for the climbs and you can also ride at a faster speed on these bikes. When you are looking to compete, or want an efficient and low weight bike, this one is the right option.

  • Fat bikes: The bikes possess superior traction due to their oversize tires that may range from 3.7 inches to more than 5 inches in girth.

  • All-mountain bikes: Loaded with technical specs and features, these mountain bikes are nimble, light in weight and good performers at the scariest of descents.


Some features are quite important to consider, as they contribute towards bike usage and handling more than others. Suspension, wheel diameter and others are relevant here.


While the rigid mountain bikes are devoid of suspension, it makes the bike more comfortable to ride. Fat bikes are often devoid of suspension.

The hardtail bikes feature a front suspension (the rear is devoid of it). The riders opting for cross country rides opt for this kind of suspension as it can transfer the power directly from the pedal to the rear tire. The full suspension bikes feature suspension at both the ends, possess qualities like better traction, and offer a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Wheel size

Bikes with wheel size more than 29 inches may be slow towards acceleration but provide for faster terrain coverage. If you are looking for a mountain bike for a longer ride, opt for 20 inches wheel size or above.

Frame material

Ā Aluminium is the common choice for mountain bike frame and the expensive ones have the "light" aluminum frame. Carbon fiber, steel, and titanium are other options. The carbon-fiber frame is the preferred choice for the fat, and cross country bikes because of its low weight and high strength. Devinci offers premium and quality carbon fiber bikes on the best bike shop in Singapore viz. Bike Technics. Titanium bikes and be very expensive. Steel bikes get too heavy for longer hauls.

Gears, fit and other aspects may also be important. We advise you to look into the features and bike description in-depth, before choosing one.

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