King of the trails 2018- Everything you want to know

King of the trails 2018- Everything you want to know

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If you are thinking about running the King of the Trails this year, an mtb bike Singapore might be a great way to get in shape for this challenging race.

The King of the Trails 2018 race is a four-leg race that will test your running and mountain biking skills. The first led was held in March but there are three legs left. There is a grand prize of $2,000 for the overall winner, and there are cash rewards for places in the individual legs.

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This is the first year for the race and it will be held in Singapore. Each leg promises to be more difficult than the previous races. The second race of 10 Km is in August and ranks three out of five stars on the level of difficulty. The fourth leg is 18 km, and is four-stars worth of difficulty. This one will be 70 percent trail running and 30 percent road racing. The final leg is set for November and promises to be the most difficult of all. It is 25 km, 80 percent trail and 20 percent road.

This is a tough race to crown the King of the trail. Sort of like the best bike shop in Singapore, the toughest survive and ultimately win. Come visit mountain bike shop Singapore to keep up with how this race develops.

The idea of the race is to conquer the urban jungle. The runner with the fastest average time in all four races will be named "King of the Trails." Everyone who completes all four races will receive a "Trail Conqueror" medal.

The first leg is complete and there are men's and women's divisions. Vanja Cnops was the top female finisher with a time of 37 minutes and 50 seconds. Her time was second best overall.

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