Stay Safe on your Mountain Bike in Singapore

How To Stay Safe on your Mountain Bike in Singapore Without Slowing Down

Mountain biking is the most adventurous sport you can take up and throw yourself at the mercy of the unknown. Obviously, it comes with unpleasant surprises especially if you don’t carry right safety precautions. The matter of fact is that how you tackle these surprises makes a trip memorable to tell the tale to next generation. So, following are few safeguards for your mountain bike Singapore that can make or break an adventure. Just pack light and smart key items.

  1. Always wear a helmet

Helmet resides at the top of the list for beginners as well as novice mountain bikers. MTB Helmet Singapore is made up of high-quality material and properly fits your head. It is the single most important piece of safety equipment that you must wear every time no matter how hot or uncomfortable you are.

  1. Get the right gear

In case you are a beginner, falling off the mountain bike is obvious. Although you can avoid all these injuries if you have the right set of equipment especially protective glasses, right shoes and hand gloves. All these equipments can easily protect you from scratches, bruises, and inevitable scuffs.

  1. Acquire basic first aid knowledge

Acquiring some basic first aid knowledge makes a great difference between life and death. Every mountain biker must keep a small first aid kit in the bag which will leave no excuse for ignorance and help you in maintaining the same pace.

  1. Check your bike twice

A thorough check on the mountain bike is highly important before you ride. Start with brakes, tyres, chain oiling and then other things to ensure bike stops immediately because safety comes first. You can also carry spares and mountain bike accessories Singapore to enjoy biking flawlessly.

  1. Know your limits

When you are initiating the ride, you may easily get carried away, but estimate your energy to try and tackle trails difficulty. Some of the dangerous or challenging trails may leave you stranded thus, feel no shame in getting off the bike and walking for some time if it is tough to paddle.
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