How to be a champ OCBC Cycle National Road Championship

How to be a champ OCBC Cycle National Road Championship

Cruising leisurely on a mountain bike in Singapore won’t be the ultimate goal for you if you are a true-blue mountain bike enthusiast. What you need to do is challenge yourself by participating in a thrilling mass cycling competition like OCBC Cycle National Road Championship. For that, taking part in a thrilling cycling event like OCBC Cycle National Road Championship should be one of your prized aims in life. Go all out and push your limits to compete in this event, which kick-starts in the month of July. The cycling event sees not only the best bikers from Singapore competing but also seasoned mountain bikers from other countries, which makes it an experience you are sure to last a lifetime.

Here’s what you need to know and do to excel riding your mountain bike in Singapore during the OCBC Cycle National Road Championship:

Stock up on the perfect mountain biking gear

Having the right bike and accessories is one of the crucial requisites to be a part of a mega cycling championship event. Visit reputed stores like Bike Technics where you will find a wide variety of mountain bike products for that.

Register yourself Online

Membership for 2018 is currently open, so you can enroll yourself and also register your name for the championship. Select the right category for yourself, pay the requisite amount and register.

Arrange for the necessary documentation

SCF Day Licence and other credentials are mandatory. Carrying your insurance coverage proof as prescribed in SCF National Race Licence guidelines is also to be adhered to. Check out details of prizes and awards to winners being offered by the organizers.

Stay in the loop

Make sure you update yourself regularly to stay attuned to the latest challenges by following up on the latest updates so you won’t miss anything.

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