Effective tips to mountain bike in Singapore when it is raining

Effective tips to mountain bike in Singapore when it is raining

While you are biking, the weather can go hay way anytime so, what can you do best to continue your adventure mountain bike ride in Singapore? Given below are a few tips that can be effective even when the weather is not that favorable or when it’s raining typically!

  1. Get waterproof clothing and accessories

It is always advisable to keep a watch on the weather when you are planning to ride a bike in the mountains. Also, not to forget that taking waterproof stuff along is always a good decision. Needless to mention that waterproof clothing such as waterproof jackets, trousers, etc. shall help you keep warm and accessories such as waterproof bags, phone cases, etc. do not allow your stuff to get wet. Do not compromise with your comfort so, buy good quality waterproof stuff so as to retain it for long.

  1. Consider the trail surface

While deciding on which area to ride in or not, just think about the soil type of that particular area. Unless and until you are precise about riding in challenging circumstances, clay, ice, slippery trails are best avoided as you might just skip and lose control. A few people also find rocky trails uncomfortable so it is advisable to practice on the trail before going for any competition or long trek. Also, knowing about the trail is actually better as it gives you an idea of its breakevens.

  1. Pre-prepare your bike

Your bike goes through a lot of wear and tear so you should always maintain and take care of it before going to a trail or track. Do proper oiling, look through the chains and paddles, check out the additional gears, the condition of helmet, brakes, etc. So as to be on the safer side. Such pre-preparations can also help you save on the cost and enhances the lifetime of your bike.

When you are in Singapore for mountain biking, you can easily get the spare parts and everything around. So, go biking!

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