4 Best Mountain Bike Accessories In Singapore

4 Best Mountain Bike Accessories In Singapore

Biking is an adventurous sport that is quite cost effective and boosts your health. You may be evolving slowly from a newbie to an expert rider who can pursue longer rides and can ride aggressively. Here is a list of 5 essential mountain bike accessories in Singapore that you should carry with you on your next adventure tour and have peace of mind, safety and unmatched biking experience.

  1. Helmets

Bicycle helmets can be life saving in times of an accident. They prevent both major and minor head injuries that you are always susceptible to while riding a MTB bike. The bike helmets today are available in a plethora of sizes and colours and provide features including single-handed adjustment. The cone-head technology better absorbs the shocks and dissipates the impact forces evenly, so that the impact/injury severity reduces.

  1. Wireless Computer

Those who want to pursue MTB riding professionally would find the Wireless Computer useful. The CCVT 230W Velo Wireless offers you the riding data in real time. The easy-to-install product is also worthwhile when you wish to lose extra weight as it displays the calories consumed.

  1. The elbow, shin and knee pads

Investing in the arm, leg and face armor is essential when you hop on the bike and pursue adventure in the wild and rough terrains. Investing in a combo of shin, knee and elbow armor will bring to you greater discounts and the accessories will keep you protected when you adventure and sport on your bike.

  1. Highlights

Investing in good headlamps/light for your bike is rather essential. The forests and the wilds can get amazingly dark during the day itself. Plus, you never know when you will lose your way or decide to extend your trip a bit longer.

The leading Singapore bike accessories shop will offer you all you need to have a wonderful mountain biking experience, with discounts and combo offers, you need to look no further.
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